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The Simpson’s high definition debut.

The new look Simpsons.

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One of televisions most iconic opening sequences got its most dramatic and permanent update today.

The Simpson’s have taken the leap into high definition, and used it as an opportunity to completely recreate the famous race home.

Sticking to the basic premise that debuted back in 1989, the new sequence see’s the addition of countless secondary characters and a few in-jokes from the shows over 400 episode history.

6 replies on “The Simpson’s high definition debut.”

I’ve seen this on YouTube, but as always, John, you didn’t fail me for providing a better copy. And although it’s sometimes too crowded for my liking, well, it’s a witty update. And funny couch gag, too!

My colleagues and I thought its was great but were curious as to why it was done, as we herd that The Simpsons were being cancelled after 20 years? can you confirm or deny? I’d love to be wrong here.

I’m glad that they’ve entered the 21 century and have started producing The Simpsons in widescreen HD, however I can’t help but feel that show is ‘tired’ it’s not a witty as it used to be.

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