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From the makers of Six Feet Under: True Blood.

The opening for HBO’s latest drama, True Blood.

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True Blood is the latest creation from Alan Ball, the creator of Six Feet Under and American Beauty screenwriter. Just like Six Feet Under, the main titles for True Blood have been designed by Digital Kitchen, who also did the opener for Dexter.

The high concept premise behind True Blood revolves around the co-existence of vampires and humans in the southern US state of Louisiana. And from the pilot episode at least, it appears Ball intends to draw on vampires and their recent “outing” into mainstream society as an allegory for the struggle to achieve homosexual rights, racial equality and acceptance.

The gritty and compelling opening sequence, accompanied by the track Bad Things by Jace Everett, even goes so far to feature a sign saying “God Hates Fangs”, an obvious play on the famous protest signs of the Westboro Baptist Church.

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May I add, that this series was adapted from the Sookie Stackhouse books? I remember reading an interview Alan Ball had, and he was talking about how he encountered the book, and how he can’t put it down… the way he put it makes it interesting. I haven’t encountered the books, but I might give this a try when it finally airs.

And yes, Anna Paquin. Hee.

As much as i adore this show and have watched every episode aired in the US so far, it is honestly, mostly soft porn, i also think its hilarious that that guy from home and away is playing “jason” hehe.

I recommend everyone pick up the books and give them a chance. They are a fun read. I work for the company that made this title and I read the whole series. 🙂 As far as the show being mostly “soft porn” I agree, you can’t watch this one with kids around. Good show though.

I actually thought the first Season of True Blood was great, it only took the previews and initial promos to get me excited. Awaiting patiently for Season 2 this June 09

True Blood Net

True Blood Main Title Sequence
Client: HBO

DK Credits:
Creative Directors: Matt Mulder, Rama Allen. Live Action Direction: Rama Allen, Morgan Henry, Matthew Mulder, Matt Clark, Tevor Fife; Designers: Rama Allen, Shawn Fedorchuck, Ryan Gagnier, Matthew Mulder, Camm Rowland, Ryan Rothermel, Jacques Broquard; Compositor: Ryan Gagnier; Editor: Shawn Fedorchuck; Producers: Morgan Henry, Kipp Christiansen, Keir Moreano; ECD Paul Mattheaus; EP: Mark Bayshore

the opening is shot and edited nicely; HOWEVER, i think there should be some additioinal credits for borrowing PLENTY of shot ideas from the great documentary “Searching For The Wrong Eyed Jesus”.
Having seen the documentary a few times, i can say that there are quite a few shots in this opening that seem to be taken directly from the documentary.

Once someone notices such direct references, is not very impressive anymore. hmmmmm…hopefully next time they choose a more obscure documentary to rip off.

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