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Homer Simpson gets a colonoscopy (for charity).

The Simpson’s make an appearance during the Stand Up 2 Cancer telethon.

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In a rare show of solidarity, three of the big commercial networks in the US dedicated an hour of commercial free programming to broadcast the Stand Up 2 Cancer telethon. With the usual mix of serious appeal and humour, the highlight of the night was Homer Simpson’s fantastic voyage into his own colon.

NBC, ABC and CBS simulcast the event Friday night with all money raised going to the translational cancer research, which “encourages scientists to collaborate rather than compete, translating basic science into applicable therapies for patients.”

2 replies on “Homer Simpson gets a colonoscopy (for charity).”

hahahaha, imagine any aussie channel doing this! this seems like a genuinely interesting event. is the simpsons now in widescreen or, was this a once off? :s

Ryan – We have done something like that for the Asian Tsunami in 2005 when Seven, Nine & Ten all simulcasted the same program for three & so hours. The Simpsons was in widescreen for that one off special.

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