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The Olympics on Australia’s Seven Network.

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The Opening Ceremony may still be a day away, but the first event is about to start in the Games of the XXIX Olympiad, which means coverage has begun, and the full Olympic look of Australia’s Seven Network is being rolled out.

The BBC have taken a very unique approach to their Olympics branding, as you’ll see above Seven have stuck with the traditional “gold-infused slow-motion footage of athletes” imagery that seems to be the norm, albeit executed in a very slick fashion.

More Olympics coverage to come throughout the Games.

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I was expecting something good with great music, but I’m not a fan of what Seven has done, they should have used ‘We’re Ready to Fly’. And that parquet floor looks cheap ;-). A question, has Seven lost the licence to Nine? I can’t wait for the opening ceremony, it will be odd as it begins at 1pm here in the UK.


I think they have to do it – some other broadcasters do it (in the Philippines, where I am, they do) so as to prevent illegal rebroadcasts and use of footage.

I do agree, though; it may look slick but it trails off in the end. I’m still awe-inspired by the BBC’s (which makes me wonder about what they’ll do come 2012).

There’s a different flavor to this Olympics’ coverage, isn’t it? All that oriental flavor. Provides some difference. Maybe by 2012 it’ll be back to… I dunno. Conventional?

Not surprised, it looks like every other Olympics opener ever done in Australia.
The London Olypics coverage will have 6 posh women sporting union jack waistcoasts, bowler hats, playing violins.
Cut to gratuitous shots of double decker busses and the London eye.
Slow motion shots of drinking tea and croquet.

Does anyone know whether the backing orchestral music that begins at 1min28sec is an actual song? If so, if anyone knows what it’s called, please post it. It has been playing recurrently throughout the games coverage.

Man, fantastic, very nice this year!
Does anyone know anyone on the inside who might be able to get the footage without the networks logo on the final part of the video with the stadium in it?
Thanks All

22nd August.
The coverage of these Olympics has been good and I know that we cannot do without sponors, but Channel 7 with all their advertisements are so annoying, especially when you come back after adds to find points have been scored or goals have been scored. It should be an uninterupted telecast! Lets have less advertisements and more uninterupted coverage. Advertisements could be at the beginning and end of telecasts. Most of theadvertisements are so annoying; I would not bank with the Commonwealth Bank if my life depended on it and the guy who says “we are A u s t r a l i a n s” I would glady hit on the head with his remote control.

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