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Hello, Fiver. The new look Five Life.

Five Life is now Fiver (1.6mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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UPDATE: Download high-def versions of the idents here (70mb) and here (54mb).

Two days ago UK broadcaster Five rebranded its multichannel Five Life as.. Fiver. The new look channel is an attempt by Five to jump start is fledgling digital expansion, which also includes the Five US network.

Fiver is being touted as a “younger, faster, louder re-invention of Five Life”, and an attempt to capture some of the male audience scared off by the Five Life brand.

And musically, the first of the two idents feature the track ‘The Message’ by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, not sure about the second video sorry the second video is ‘I Get Around’ by Dragonette.

The new look of the network revolves around the cursor motif, and were designed by the team at We Are Seventeen, London. Keep reading for a Fiver promo..

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– Thanks to Craig and George for the videos.

10 replies on “Hello, Fiver. The new look Five Life.”

This look is terrible. Fiver will not lure men back to Five Life, it’ll just scare away the women.

No-one seems to like this rebrand but I think it’s perfect. Five Life looked so bland and rushed. The attitude of Fiver appeals to me more than Life ever did.

I wish they’d air Love My Way series 3! It’s been about a year since the second one now!

Totally dig it! Love to see more of this package as items become available please John.

John, I have more videos of Fiver like the menu, ecp, breakbumper and more promotion examples.

The song used in the first ident is “The Message” by Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five. It still sounds great and it worked with the visuals. Good job, Fiver. The name is better than Five Life.

A bit ambiguous as to what they are trying to communicate- although reducing the ‘five’ branding and including it in the title might help establish an identity independent of the main 5.

Ahhhh!!! Have they just plastered FIVER! all over the subtle but effective “five Life” Horrible…

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