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You may love May on the ABC.

The ABC has May on the mind (13mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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“You may love May”.. Are they suggesting there’s a chance we won’t? That’s the ABC’s confidence lacking tagline being used in this otherwise resplendent promo.

And while its obviously in reference to the month its the kind of thing your unlikely to see on another network. The ABC received some bad press over a recent Logies promo that went to air, so this deliberately low key outing is probably welcome.

Outside of the ABC however, May should be an interesting month for Australian television with a new look SBS set to launch, and Arena’s Bravo-style rebranding.

3 replies on “You may love May on the ABC.”

I really like the subtlety of this promo… and of course the unmistakably Australian theme. I guess the “you may like…” is part of the subtle theme, although counterbalanced by the gargantuan writing. A big thumbs up from me… one of ABC’s better promos of late.

I like how they have combined bumpy and not particulary edited footage and intergrated text…nice contrast

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