Nine Network Videos: Idents

You’re (finally) watching Nine HD.

Nine jumps on the HD bandwagon (2.6mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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> Quicktime H.264
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Last week Channel Nine became the last of the commercial networks to begin broadcasting breakaway programming on their HD channel.

Nine HD joins the heavily promoted Ten HD, and the first on the scene 7HD.

While its very much early days for multichanneling in Australia, the real fun should begin January 1st next year when the networks get the chance to start broadcasting additional SD channels, and finally fulfilling the promise of digital television by hopefully embracing UK style multichanneling… e7, TenTwo, 9b etc.

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Wow! Very beautiful. I will probably never watch this channel, but that is seriously elegant graphics set. I love the chrome 9 (still angry the ABC lessened theirs) and the glass like ‘HD’ is just perfect.

Thanks for sharing these, I can’t get HDTV at present, so it is great to see any samples of what’s put to air.. I can only imagine how WIN will butcher this for their ‘non’-dotty channels!!

Nine’s appropriately ugly watermark logo is a fine addition to the low standards of the station itself.

“and finally fulfilling the promise of digital television by hopefully embracing UK style multichanneling… e7, TenTwo, 9b etc.” As I’ve said before, multichanneling sounds all fine and dandy, but you’ll end up seeing more and more effort being put into the spinoff channels than the actual original services. In the UK it’s only really worked for the BBC who have the money available at their disposal for BBC3/4 etc, though the ratings rarely make the money spent on these programmes worth it. ITV now has more channels than it can handle which has really affected the quality of ITV1. Channel 4 hasn’t suffered as badly but they struggle to fill up their ever increasing number of channels (just look at E4!) and it going to become even more chaotic when 4Music launches. As for Five, they’re now chugging along with 3 below average rated channels.

Well Australia, expect more imports and less home-grown stuff than ever before. Which network do you think will be the most spin-off happy (ie who will launch as many channels as possible!)?

Those are great, much better than 10 HD graphics and just better than 7HD. Man, 9’s improved so much this year, way better than the daggy channel 7.

Well, in Britainnia, we only have one terrestrial chanel that has a hd network. BBC. And there logo + Idents are amazing but the australian ones are even better, well done austrailia!

Great to get all your feedback.

We, at zspace, worked closely with Channel 9 to develop this look. It was small budget and fast turnaround (so what’s new!)and we’re happy with the results.

Nice to know that it’s hitting the right mark — with most of you anyway.

Are u kidding me ‘Alec’? Are u sure u havn’t forgotten Channel 9’s shows have flopped time and time again (now the Power of 10) and that they’re no longer ‘Still the One’. We love TV? Put some bloody decent shows on! TenHd have at least their own shows not shown on SD and the HD in Sport like Golf and Formula 1 is top quality.

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