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Digitalism with Channel Five and ITV.

Making the switch to digital with Channel Five (2.8mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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In November last year Whitehaven, Cumbria became the first region in the United Kingdom to switch off its analogue televisions service. Even more sites are planning to switch this year, and by 2013 when the Channel Islands go digital its expected all of the UK will have ceased analogue transmissions.

All the channels are busily reminding its viewers to make the switch and above is Channel Five and ITV’s attempts to convert anyone left in the UK who hasn’t already ditched analogue.

For more UK digital switchover videos check out another one for Five with John Suchet, the Digit Al series and Penelope Keith on the benefits of Freeview. Australia has some similar spots promoting digital from the ABC and a cool animation from SBS.

3 replies on “Digitalism with Channel Five and ITV.”

Not sure if you guys have seen some of our advertisements in the USA, but the ITV one looks like a complete rip off of a commercial for Ditech from over here.

I totally agree on the ditech front. I remember seeing a ‘people are smart’ commercial on a motion graphics website and i remember i really liked the look of it. then i saw this itv trailer and thought ‘hold on a sec!’

Does anyone know where i can find a video of the Ditech commercials?

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