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SBS and E4 show some Skins.

Check out Skins tonight on SBS at 10pm (3.6mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

e4skins08 - Twango

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sbsskins08 - Twango

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I realise I’m probably giving this show a disproportionate amount of attention, especially considering I’m not even sure I like it, but its always had fairly cool promos, and really, at least it looks interesting, something thats been lacking lately on Australia’s prime time schedule… Whacked Out Sports? Really?!

Skins starts from season one tonight on SBS, and a new season starts soon on E4.

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I love the promos, it shows artistically what characters are going to experience in Series 2. Some people hate this programme some like it, but the viewing figures for E4 being one of the highest rated programmes speaks for itself.

The new E4 promo looks a bit like the one Channel 4 did for Lost back in the day!

The guy with the hat and glasses works in the Topman near me. It’s quite odd (and quite nice) to see him mix this with a bog-standard job

ja, agree with you shana. have watched the entire first series online after not being able to wait each week on sbs. ahhh can’t wait for the second series. i mean i really can’t. does anyone have any idea how i might be able to view e4 here in aus? i tried foxtel but they suck.

Great comments, I was wondering if there is a link that would take me 2 a site where I could watch season 1 ( Full Season )

Thanks Churchie 10 – 7

this show is sick……me and my mate lewan are obsessed I am a girl by the way…..even though i am into comedy this show goes for me…..It makes me wonder why we do so much drugs but still love it

Great show, have seen both seasons from the UK and it is fantastic. Give it a chance, it will hook you.

this show is great. it’s got REAL teenagers playing teenagers it’s pretty true to life about some of the stuff that teens go through and as much as it apparently freaks some people out it’s dead on for the parties drugs alcohol and sex.

I love skins! I am a 43 year old woman who got hooked the very first episode!!! I hope there is a season 4!

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