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Channel Nine “hearts” TV, and other lies.

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Slogan’s are tricky things, trying to distill an organisations entire mission into just a few words is a daunting task, but it can completely change a companies image.

Apple’s ‘Think Different‘ slogan is seen as a turning point for the company, ‘Got Milk?‘ turned dairy sales around in the US, and the beautifully meaningless ‘Just Do It‘ from Nike is still doing its job. One slogan you won’t hear people talking about in years to come however is Channel Nine’s new trainwreck of a promise.. “We Heart TV”.

Ah yes, the Nine Network, source of inspiration to poets across the ages.

That is Crikey’s critique of Channel Nine’s laughable new slogan, which honestly couldn’t be more a more inappropriate tag line if they tried, it’s up there with ‘Fair & Balanced‘.

34 replies on “Channel Nine “hearts” TV, and other lies.”

We <3 TV hmm…. Although at least their graphics are decent to look at; I dunno who thought of the last one but it sure looked dodgy and OTT retro.

Nine’s new style actually looks pretty good, I like the way the “we heart tv” is presented. Too bad the slogan itself is so dodgy, I would “heart” TV more if the commercial channels didn’t screw over their viewers as much.

And also, I didn’t realise Channel Nine are showing Police Ten 7 now. Anyone who was a fan of Tony Martin’s axed radio show “Get This” (like me) will find this good news 😉

ABC in the U.S. tried this years ago with “We Love TV”. The problem is it doesn’t say anything to the viewer about why they should watch you. It got a lot of buzz in the trades and from media critics, but ultimately it failed and they tossed it after two years.

Funny how third place always seems to bring out interesting marketing concepts.

I disagree. I think the slogan is contemporary and I also disagree with the fact that people say 9 doesn’t love/heart tv. Now that it’s got David Gyngell as CEO, he is someone who loves tv and lives and breathes it and since he’s the face of the company, it could easily be true.

I’m sure that under the John Alexander and Eddie McGuire era they didn’t love tv as they made their goal – profits before ratings.

However, during Kerry Packer they loved tv as it was his life. Now hopefully David Gyngell will bring 9 back to it’s glory days in future years so that they’ll be able to put 7 back as number 2 where it belongs.

It’s great how they’re getting the balls back anyway. The relaunch is either going to be January 14 or the start of ratings.

I ♥ TV too, pitty I still can’t find anything I want to sit and watch on 9.

I’ll have to ♥ SBS and ABC/ABC2 instead (not that its a hard thing to do!)

And so we’ve reached the bottom of the commercial tv rating list…the nine network have definately put the ‘♥’ into last place in the commercial ratings…and have secured their spot as the worst branded network of 2007…and because i am so generous…i am awarding them the most schizophrenic network of the last 50 years…they seem to go back and forth in CEO’s, in LOGOS!..the ‘balls/dots’ are now coming back to the network..and although i believe it was a mistake to get rid of them…i also believe it to be a mistake in bringing them back as the SAME LOGO AS BEFORE….if the nine network wants to change..they should change for the better…not bounce back and forth while putting the reputation of the network in jeopardy!!…i reckon if nine kept the balls and changed the design of the actual ‘nine’ they may have a chance at winning if no one approval…and as for this new slogan…’we♥tv’ to try and win back the ‘we’hate’nine’ public…well let me just’s not going to work…sure the graphics package is a step up from their previous set…but the soundtrack to it is by far the most nausiatingly confusing thing i’ve heard in a while…i don’t want my brain to be clogged up with the loudness and business of this revolting music just while im waiting for a (crappy) show to start…PLEASE…WHY CAN’T THEY DO SOMETHING JUST A BIT BETTER….i hope this year they make some improvements…and don’t put good shows such as ‘weeds’ on the air at such an inconvenient time…the network has potential..but they need to work to reach it…

The summer package is okay, not really my cup of tea but I look forward to seeing the new 2008 look. I don’t mind that they’re going bvack to the old logo because it looked way better. Shame Kerry died, he’d have kept the place in order but I reckon that David Gyngell will get it back to no 1, maybe not this year but at least he’s trying with the 40 new commissioned shows.

i love these. they are great graphics – they are modern and look like someone has spent some time on them. I would rather watch this then the annoying cg tv in 7

Excuse me for putting such a request here but can you bring me the intro of ABC’s “The Midday Report”?

small request here but umm…’News At Ten’, ITV’s once thriving main news bulletin is to be reborn next monday and i was hoping you would be able to post part of their first bulletin back or the opening by possibly..contacting some of your “uk connections”..hehe, if you could that would be great..
OH! and did anyone see ‘National Nine News: Morning Edition’ on friday morning…it’s a silly question seeing how..poor their presentation has gotten..but i noticed that in the opening where the ‘national nine news’ logo is hovering through buildings and whatnot…it had been slightly revamped with a blue underine on the box…what looked like more light shining through the buildings…and it avoided showing the ‘nine’ logo..and as we now know nine is this year reverting back to the ‘dots’ logo..but i kinda hope that this isn’t going to be the revamped news package for 2008…i really think nine needs to seriously change the whole look of their news department…just my opinion

Nine News is the absolute pits. Ten “News” still gets my vote for the bulletins with the least amount of news in them but Nine’s presentation, presenters and general coverage is so banal, lifeless and tired. They have lost the spark they once had. It is all very tired, and not just their news. They are mutton dressed as slightly less old mutton. The NNN openings make no sense, the sets are crap, the music is crap and their presenters are just…well…crap. Their news coverage has no depth, it is all just very basic court reporting and event transcribing with no background or perspective. Something Seven News (at least in Melbourne) has worked very hard to achieve.

And I love the Gottaloveit Seven TV guy! Though I loved him more when he was a guy in a suit, those were the funniest promos ever!

I am intrigued that the dots (or “balls” as some commenters call them) are creeping back. To me, the removal of the Nine Dots from the Nine Network logo would be akin to the ABC getting rid of its lissajous logo. It was easily the most recognisable part of the logo, nationwide. And unlike the “9”, the dots could be used for regional affiliates like WIN4 Wollongong and NBN3 Newcastle.

Nine’s relaunch is supposed to happen 6 pm tomorrow (Monday). According to TV Tonight they will show a 60 sec promo at that time for Nine’s look.

In response to Nick, I think Ten News is the best of the commercial networks in Melbourne, followed by Seven News, then Nine. I know Ten News is often mocked as it is said to be too light, but it is best presented and is most interesting. Mal Walden is good (some funny clips on YouTube of him). And Ten doesn’t seem to have much cross promotion (like Seven seem to have). Of course, if we are counting all the channels, ABC beats them all by far.

Seven’s music was good before they “updated” it a few years ago. SBS’s previous music (around 2002, before their ugly purple look) and ABC’s previous music (before their recent update) were way better.

i agree that abc and sbs’ old news music were better than their current ones..and i reckon sbs’ old news music(as it was composed a few years after the current version used) sounds more modern and is more effective than the current huge big loud in your face kind of music…i think the old version suits their current..very plain…graphics package and it sort of brings to mind the bbc music used now…which is a good thing

Anyone seen Nines new look for 08. I’m guessing it was released this morn b4 Today started. As predicted, the dots are back [dury is still out on this move – why go backwards?] Now the dots fly in. I think its a try-hard move by nine, as the cube [also featuring the dots] were starting to work well for the station, but I guess they see the cube as a link to their “downhill slide from #1. Still hate the we heart TV – YUK! Is there going to be a long “Still the one” type season opener featuring whats left of their stars?

I just saw Nine’s new look! Evidently they travelled back to 1985 to get their water mark. The whole look is very cheap and unpolished. Why do the keep doin it to themselves? Why don’t they get the people who do the branding for Seven, FOX8 or TV1 on board? They all have really unique branding.

Why can’t Nine get it right? They have used the “balls” logo, but instead of it being solid, apparently it has to be semi-transparent light blue. I’ve seen a news update today and the graphics looked very rushed, hopefully they will fix this. And also, they’ve gone back to their balls logo in the watermark, except it’s very dark, they will probably fix this (here’s an idea, what if for the watermark they only used just the balls? It would be nice and small and most people know it’s Channel Nine).

“dury is still out on this move – why go backwards?”

Nine should never have changed their logo to that cube in the first place. At least they’re rectifying that mistake now, even if some people don’t like the traditional “balls” logo, most would agree it’s better than the flat, cube logo.

“Is there going to be a long “Still the one” type season opener featuring whats left of their stars?”

Yep, that’s at 6 pm tonight (Monday) apparently.

Just seen nine’s new presentation and it rocks, the best of any of the Australian networks way better than ten and just better than 7’s.

The only downside is the news! How could they get the whole network presentation so right and the news so terribly wrong, it’s bland and looks like I could have done it on iMovie. Only good thing about the news is the theme music which is much better. They don’t even have a studio. I think 7 has the best studio.

It’s a shame because this was a great opportunity to get the news looking as good as it once was, especially the 2005 look which would have completely washed away the competition.

okay…i will say this…i read last night at about midnight-ish about the general idea for their network presentation..and how the ‘dots’ are now representing ‘disks’, and how the disks fly around and can convey information and stuff..but they’ve still kept some of the ‘summer presentation’ and just put the ‘new/old’ logo on top…
the news…THE NEWS…..THE NEWS USED TO BE THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE NINE NETWORK….now it seems they actually think for the last 2 years it has been okay…WELL IT HASN’T…as one of my earlier comments states..i had a feeling…a dreaded feeling that they were just going to cut the ‘nine’ out from the ‘national nine news’ logo…and sure enough…on the morning news they did…and further more they’ve gone back to an arrangement of their old news to be honest i like the old theme music better than the 06/07 version…but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be better…
For some reason the nine network INSISTS on changing something every year..and regularly changing their news graphics..baa the last two years…but see the graphics package before the 2006 revamp was basically as good as they got..and i was afraid that this would happen…that they would get to the best of their stuff…get to the top…and have nowhere else to go but downwards..if you get my drift…my recommendation to the network would be…STOP CHANGING…do one BIG change(A CHANGE FOR THE BETTER on that not)..and then LEAVE IT!!!…at least for a few years…sigh..
anyways..i will give my full verdict after we see what happens at 6 tonight.

I have no idea what happened with the news graphics, I hope ratings drop significantly so that it will make them change it again for the better.

Could they have just made some quick graphics to go with the relaunch and be waiting till 9 moves sites from their current location before doing the big revamp including a set?!!??

Oscar: “Could they have just made some quick graphics to go with the relaunch and be waiting till 9 moves sites from their current location before doing the big revamp including a set?!!??…”

But in my opinion if you do a rebranding you need to change i reckon they would’ve been better off waiting until they moved sites to rebrand…i know it would be different rebranding like in the middle of the year…but for god’s sakes…the news graphics are terrible…and did you see the backdrop for the national bulletins today??….they are really just..arghh..they’ve taken inspiration from melbourne’s blue backdrop with odd pictures of the city….but that melbourne backdrop ISN’T GOOD!!…I COULD DO BETTER…its a terribly crap photoshop job and melbourne’s gtv9 bulletin should honestly be A LOT better…it’s dropped from it’s former #1 place..and it’s pretty obvious why!!

I agree with you that they’re crap I’m just trying to be hopeful that they change because all the networks, even SBS have better graphics!

But I don’t think this will impact on ratings as the average viewer doesn’t seem to care. Some people I know didn’t even notice that 9 has a new logo.

“Some people I know didn’t even notice that 9 has a new logo.”

true that, most people i know just don’t care…nine changed so much that when something different happens to the channel…it doesn’t have a huge impact on anyone.

Foxtel’s LifeStyle FOOD Channel has the tag “I Love Food” and they use the heart shape throughout their on-air/off-air marketing. It seems far more relevant when dealing with food as most people are passionate about food/cooking/entertaining. As for a GE channel adopting this tag, it just isn’t going to resonate. Graphically this look is disposable. Whilst there’s some nice elements, it’s way too busy and they’re trying way too hard to be youthful. Rule #1. Try not to follow design trends when re-branding a channel! Your look won’t last the distance nor will it hold up to repeat plays.
And as for that last element…what the hell is that? Surely it’s a mistake and some editor has been sacked for throwing it together on AVID!

Channel 9 has a problem with the wonders and project 9 logo design. You see the graphical 9 apearing on the side of your screen has never been change.. that unusual 9 shape is very old now and there for why not design a new 9 shape rather then more then likely looking like a block box.. Now apratently channel 9 has gotten bored with the just 9 and a box in the middle into the back old logo. I wonder why they change it back with the old one for? Never seen a network brining back the old shapes as channels think of new ideas rather then the old brining the old shapes right after the new one which is unusual.

Channel 9 australia has to change this course of logo. Why not make it a unique 9 circle with the number 9 in the middle? think of the round shape and the letters of ten in it from network ten. For example.

I just beleive its rediculours to bring the old shape.. this proofs that they cant work well in search for a good graphical Ident. Channel 7 has change and it looks fantastic.

Now channel 9 has this strange presentation promo (WE LOVE TV) But where is the logo in it? we love tv is not even an ident logo at all. Focus the logo number and not just temporary other ideals.. I gues the we love tv is a summer season promo. Just wait when winter arrives and wonder whats comming up next.

I don’t care that they’re going back to the old logo because the old logo looks fantastic and beats 7’s logo anyday. I’m sure that they could think of something completely new that looks good, but the nine with the balls/dots/discs is iconic and it is channel 9 and bringing it back may remind viewers of the good old days pre 2005. Plus with the balls it’s actually a logo and not just a numeral.

i hate the old balls logo, but hated the 9 in a blue box logo more. i agree that the balls alone as a watermark would be a good idea, that way it would work for the affiliate stations too.

Sorry, they might have been recognisable, but those dots dated the channel hideously. They meant nothing and last looked average in 1976.

The dots alone can be presented in a way that is slightly more modern. Have a look at what Prime in New Zealand did with them:

It is slightly offset and there’s a bit of a shadow partially encircling it. It is infinitely better than the current (Australian) Channel 9 logo. If I was being picky, I’d say that the current Channel 9 logo is slightly skinnier than the old 1970’s one, but I wasn’t alive then so I’m only going on what’s on the internet. Either way (skinny or fat 9), it’s hideous. The Prime NZ one is much better.

2006 – 2009 “Giant – Media Steals Pensioner’s Heart” advertising campaign after he presented it to them “they have no heart only his”

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