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ITV1 wants you to have more sex.

A new ident from ITV1 (2.1mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

itvfountains - Twango

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ITV1’s good-looking-but-confusing idents got a refresh recently with the addition of four new spots. This is just one of them; fountains. Check out the rest of ITV1’s idents here. When ITV isn’t broadcasting conceptually odd idents, or documentaries about sex, they’re running premium rate telephone competitions, which they’ve been apologising for after the jump.

itvrates - Twango

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6 replies on “ITV1 wants you to have more sex.”

the itv logo, the itv idents, the itv news, itv sport and in fact most of itv looks like poor design students have been allowed on powerpoint – the channel is relaunching in the new year – when both itv and bbc one will go head to head at ten o’clock with their flagship news programmes

Actually Matt C, They only said schedules and ITV News but not necessarily ITV1, Simon Shaps said he had no plans for revamping ITV1 at the moment.

The itv idents are not confusing. If you lived in the UK and watched ITV, you would understand that the idents ITV has is reflecting the programming of the station. In fact that’s what the main channels do with their idents.

ITV1 is the bright station which shows daytime tv shows, soaps, one off dramas.
Channel 4 is the provocative station that shows cutting edge dramas and documentaries that does what no station dares to do.
BBC1 is the nanny station that shows Doctors, Casualty, Eastenders, Panorama, BBC News, and other things that grandmothers like.

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