ITV never did get along with anybody else

Download the whole H264 bunch in one swoop here (20mb *.zip).

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I’ve always thought that the best idents series were the ones that followed a simple premise, with a constructed visual grammar, from which a varying and interesting set of channel identifiers could be produced.

Channel 4 for example has idents from the one series shot at dockyards, public housing estates, highways, bowling greens and markets. What they all have in common though is the concept of creating the ‘4’.

These new ITV1 idents (updated since January’s relaunch) are visually pretty splendid, but I think I’m still probably a press release away from quite understanding the whole idea…

Thanks to Graham as always for the UK vids.

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  • Thank god they got rid of the one that sounded like a police siren.

    And for anyone interested, these were done by Red Bee, who created the new BBC1 look recently.

  • Yes they are a lot better… Didn’t Red Bee create the old ITV idents as well though??

  • Actually, two companies.:

    Red Bee and a new company called Blink Production co-produced the new idents…

  • These ones weren’t done by Red Bee (thankfully since their old work was quite poor). They were made by the people who did the SFX on Gladiator (well I think that’s who it was). I agree John, they don’t make much sense to me either.

  • Can anyone say ‘poor ripoff’?

    Looks like ITV saw the new BBC1 idents, then got on the phone the next day demanding the same thing – right down to a single, signiture tune!

  • It should at been Charles Allen or his “apprentice”‘s laughing at us as they destroyed ITV!

  • I think the idea is the yellow swirl/stream. There’s a yellow swirly wind breaker, a stream of yellow birds, a stream of yellow light, a stream of yellow fish..I still think they’re rubbish though! If a tv channel is going to have multiple idents then they need to vary them and have quite a few – itv play the same ones over and over – they get boring very quickly.

  • i think these are cool but the we’ll be with you in just a sec music is horrably not british television type

  • There’s another one now – pavement art

    It seems they were done by ‘The Mill’

  • Nope, Jawr256, that one was also co-produced by Red Bee and Blink Production. The Mill was only hired to do the 3D graphics on the idents.

    Red Bee recentley posted the idents on their website:

  • apparently these new idents were ment to represent outburst of colour, i dont no how seen as its only yellow, i prefer the lambie nairn idents made for calton years ago, i think it would be good if ITV got hold of lambie nairn and ask for some idents off them because the whole new ITV image has just been ruined by red bee

  • I think the music is anoying, the videos are anoying, these are not very good.

  • thanks for the info i needed that for my college assignment thanks xxx

  • the ITV1 Idents are complete and utter rubbish, ive seem better mocks of ITV idents on youtube that what ITV have paid some company to do….
    but then it the standard of its IDENTS match the standard of ITV1 as a whole
    chap and nasty

    i stopped watching ITV years ago, and get annoyed if im round somones house and they ahve ITV1 on and i have to watch a ITV1 Idnt with that nasty dull music….

    Archie Norman… please retinks ITV1’s identity please and reinvest In Regional news!!!

  • The music IS pretty bad, but the idents themselves are well made, in my opinion, despite not being anywhere near as good as regionality.

  • The itv idents are not confusing. If you lived in the UK and watched ITV, you would understand that the idents ITV has is reflecting the programming of the station. In fact that’s what the main channels do with their idents.

    ITV1 is the bright station which shows daytime tv shows, soaps, one off dramas.
    Channel 4 is the provocative station that shows cutting edge dramas and documentaries that does what no station dares to do.
    BBC1 is the nanny station that shows Doctors, Casualty, Eastenders, Panorama, BBC News, and other things that grandmothers like.

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