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A new Showcase for alternative television.

The new Showcase channel launched today (43mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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Australian’s welcomed a new channel onto their subscription television platforms today, that new channel is Showcase. Available to subscribers of the Foxtel, Austar and Optus networks the new channel is being described as the home of “dramatically different TV” while extolling the old chestnut that “TV is the new hollywood”. I’m a huge fan of what you might call “alternative” or “cult” television, with most of my favorite shows not even airing on Australian television, at least not with any regularity or respectable time slots, unfortunately for this post though, I haven’t watched any of the shows making their local premier on Showcase.

Series like Dexter, The Riches and The Tudors are all finding their way uncut, and uninterrupted to Showcase, however I’ll have to leave it up to you guys to let me know if they’re worth a try. Documentaries and movies will also fill some of the Showcase schedule with Little Miss Sunshine and An Inconvenient Truth some of the first to air.

Showcase, along with its sister networks Showtime and Showtime Greats are jointly owned by NBC Universal Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox and Liberty Global International, and although this channels free to air debut would make for much more exciting news its still nice to see television being treated with a similar respect to films, even if you’re going to have to pay for it.

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From here in the UK it sounds like the idiotic companies running that are trying to distort and diss again, since its owned by Sony,Fox, Viacom and NBC Universal.

I like the rainbow idea :3
well, if we’re talking about channel war, in italy, most things are owned by fox (an example would be watching “friends” on fox while in latinamerica, you watch it on warner; the channel that actually owns “friends”).

Nice take on Showtime’s “imported” italics logo.

And what I mean by “imported” is that the italics logo was originally used by the American Showtime network (which has, dare I say it, absolutely NOTHING to do with the Ozzie network) from day one all the way until 1997.

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