Channel 4 Videos: Idents

Channel 4 on the idents roller coaster.

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Channel Four’s long running, and very creative series of idents got a new addition recently. This one, taking place on a roller coaster won’t go down as my favorite of the collection, but stays true to the formula and is impeccably produced.

Check out the entire collection here, including special Simpsons and Killers idents.

6 replies on “Channel 4 on the idents roller coaster.”

Ha ha! I was wondering yesterday when they’d make a new one 🙂

It’s the most ambiguous one so far, IMHO. Which in a way I think is good, because you’re eventually going to see it many times.

Thanks 🙂

I wonder which theme park this was filmed in, it certainly wasn’t Alton Towers with that sky! 😀

Note that C4 are still yet to air the “old man” ident. Perhaps he’s died in real life!

I’ve just downloaded this and watched it a few times and at first I wasn’t keen – it’s just a bit too hard to see the 4, as has been said by others – but what finally won me over to thinking it’s great is the way the small near-triangular piece of the 4 is made by one of those big swinging boat things in the distance just reaching the top end of its arc as the 4 forms – a stroke of genius!

Cool is a far from adequate word for these works of art! But… How on earth do these geniuses do it?!!!!!!!?????

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