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The time is now on Bio.

Subscription television network Bio. and that Moloko song (8.4mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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Bio. (formerly The Biography Channel) is an Australian subscription television station owned by the A&E Television Network, however the brand is fully licensed to Foxtel who produce, broadcast and program the channel locally.

While the content can be a bit of a mixed bag (Entertainment Tonight.. really?), the network does have some gems in Iconoclasts, Letterman and their live award show coverage.

This 60 second station identifier has always caught my attention whenever it ran, the use of “The Time Is Now” by Moloko in conjunction with the historical images is surprisingly creative and well executed, I guess it shows how much creative mileage you can get out of just some photos and a catchy tune.

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it really is a beautifully excecuted bit of television. simple yet with a great flow. I love how it subtly plays on our knowledge and preexisting relationships with those faces. its actually very sophisticated stuff.

yes, ‘everyone has a story’…but don’t expect it to be told on ‘Bio’ unless you are a rich, Hollywood celebrity! They must make up 90% of the featured persons. They should rename the channel E!Bio

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