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CNN on the BBC’s job cuts.

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Fionnuala Sweeney, the host of CNN’s International Correspondents talks to Deputy Director-General of the BBC Mark Byford about the 2800 jobs being cut from the corporation, along with plans to sell of the broadcasters iconic headquarters, Television Centre in London. All the cost cutting is due to a £2bn budget shortfall, the outcome of a decision not to increase the license fee as much as had been requested.

In other BBC related news, international visitors to will soon be presented with online advertisements for the first time, the rationale being that foreign users of the service don’t pay the license fee that British residents do.

2 replies on “CNN on the BBC’s job cuts.”

Weakening the BBC is a bad idea. I hope cuts to news are minimal. The world needs the BBC to be strong.

There are many other places where the BBC should cut, what they are considering is not one of them. Cut the Soaps and Celebrity Fluff or not at all. And on top of that, reform the tech sections of the BBC so they are impartial, scrap web advertising and stop being leaned on.

Well, they have 2 weeks to reconsider before strike action begins.

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