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Let the multichanneling begin: Seven HD.

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Last night the Seven Network dipped its toe into the world of multichanneling with the soft launch of “Australia’s first new commercial television network in four decades”; Seven HD (or 7HD, or “the second Seven Network”).

The press release for the launch promises a third channel within 15 months, and fills us in with these extra details:

This “breakaway” schedule is the first step – with a complete primetime schedule for the second Channel Seven to be launched in the coming weeks. The “look and feel” and on-air presentation marketing and promotion for the new channel will be unveiled to coincide with the launch of the complete schedule for the second Channel Seven in the coming weeks.

With a third channel on the way in 2009 perhaps they should look to Channel 4 in the UK for multichannel name ideas (e4, More4, Film4 etc). Speaking of British inspirations, this current Seven HD look does have a touch of the BBC HD’s about it.

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Kudos to Seven. Nine and Ten fought against the multi-channeling restrictions and HD requirements being lifted. But Seven was for them.

OK, someone explain this to me. Did 7HD used to be a complete simucast of 7 or is this a totally new service? I thought there was some sort law against Seven, Nine and Ten from launching other TV services? Have I got this totally wrong or has this law just been changed?

You may be happy now, multichanneling may sound all funkydory, but get ready to see a more dumbed down version of the main services as they plough more money into multichanneling. This is one of the many reasons ITV1 has gone down the pan, they’ve gotton so competative in the multichannel world that they’ve got 6 services to share the money out to and you can really see the effect it’s having on a once great commercial service.

I’m confused. Is the main Seven channel already HD and this is a second HD channel or are they using multi-channeling a second HD channel as well?

Ok, multi-channeling used to be illegal for the commercials, 9 and 10 pushed for the status quo but Seven fought against this silly ban. 7HD is currently both an HD simulcast of Seven and a second channel with different programming. After about 10 on weeknights and during the day on weekdays it becomes 7-2HD, with its own seperate programming. Withing a few weeks they will have seperated it completely from Seven-1 and it will be a fully scheduled seperate HD channel, in addition to the HD simulcast. Withing 2 years they will add 7-3.

From what I gather, Channel 10 were the first to announce they would be starting a new HD multichannel, to be launched in December 2007. Not too long after, Seven announced that they would be launching one too in December. Then Nine came along said they too would be starting one, but in November (and therefore be the first). Which is probably why Seven (trying to be the first in) launched 7 HD early.

You can only get this channel if you are within the broadcast region and have a High Defintion Digital Set Top Box (but you don’t necessarily need a HD TV). It’s the same HD channel that had simulcasted 7, except it now slightly differs in its programming in the late night and is branded as 7HD.

But don’t worry, you’re not missing out on much if you can’t get this channel just right now – just see their schedule: .

Hey prime is now broadcasting the new 7hd channel. I am in Orange. It’s pretty good. far more interesting! I wish they played something when prime has those stupid shopping ads on from 2am till 5am

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