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Summer Heights High: Enrolling this Wednesday.

Chris Lilley is back, with his new show, Summer Heights High starting this week on the ABC (4.9mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

UPDATE: The ABC will be offering downloads of Summer Heights High here.

UPDATE 2: The ratings are in.. Wednesday’s rock the ABC.

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In May last year Chris Lilley became the first Australian ever to win at the prestigious television awards, the Rose d’Or. He won for best male comedy performance in his show, We Can Be Heroes, which introduced us to among others, his character Ja’mie.

Ja’mie is back this week, with Summer Heights High starting Wednesday on the ABC.

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Chris Lily is without a doubt one of the funniest Australians ever, up there with Carl Barron, and i agree with LilRolos comment, some of you people are creepy fuckers, maybe you should stop drooling over alica benit or watever her name is and go try find a girl you actually have a chance with.

YOU KNOW HIM?? i loooove keiran (ashley). soo hot and cute. you are really lucky if you know him.

Are you serious! Yea I feel kinda sorry for him tho because all the girls wud like freak out over him,,but he cant help being hot (:

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