American TV MTV Videos: Idents

Two stunning minutes of MTV.

MTV Latin America’s blissful time out ident (21mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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MTV can get pretty trashy.. and it can get very tiring, but what can you do? You take a break. Literally. This stunning “narrative and visual break” ident created by Sägas for MTV Latin America is two minutes of hypnotic look-up-at-the-sky-and-smile bliss.

Designed to rest the eyes and mind, this video marks the first post on this blog about a South American production, and I couldn’t be more impressed, with not only the execution of the piece, but also the beauty of the concept.. literally breaking from a stations usual fare to give you a breather (not entirely unlike this).

Download some high resolution stills from the video below..

– And a huge thanks to Fernando from Sägas for the video.

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