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The Simpson’s very own Channel 4 ident.

The Simpson’s get their own Channel 4 ident (5.5mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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The Simpson’s have made their idents debut! Just a few hours ago this Gracie Films (shhh) produced trail made its first run on Channel 4 in the UK.

As reported by the BBC, the ident is timed for the start of a new season on Channel 4, and of course the families upcoming feature length outing.

Check out all the C4 idents here, and The Killers own ident here.

This isn’t the first time The Simpson’s have collaborated with Channel 4 though, to download Marge’s alternative Christmas message from 2004, keep reading..

margeC4xmas - Twango

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Channel 4 have been running an alternative Christmas message since 1993, to read more about it check out the Wikipedia article here.

– Thanks Craig.

Update: Download the broadcast MPEG2 of the ident here. (17.9mb)

13 replies on “The Simpson’s very own Channel 4 ident.”

No matter how much I hate the Simpsons, the Christmas message was actually fairly accurate and surprisingly funny. The Cornwall thing I never knew about and had to do a Google! Plus they didn’t call it England once! I do get the impression that C4 told them what they should say though…

As for the ident, I bet Sky are pissed off that Gracie didn’t offer to do an ident for them!

Pretty darn good ident. And in widescreen, too; a rarity in Simpsons/American animation terms.
And has C4 pinched the idea of The Simpsons at 6pm weekdays from Network Ten in Australia? They’ve done that for about a decade!

Channel 4 put The Simpsons on at 6pm because, BBC Two used to broadcast them at 6pm until Channel 4 grabbed the rights

The scriptwriters amaze those of us who are watching comedy in the UK being destroyed by a bunch of politically correct academics who have no comprehension of what humour is. They should stick to sitting in fridges to see if the light goes out when they close the door. Homer is a yellow Bernard Manning, long may it continue. As Homer once said ‘Kids, you tried your best and failed, the lesson is, never try’.

I don’t live in the UK, but it sure sounds…hmmm…how shall I put this? It sounds…excellent.Ohhhh, I wish I lived in the UK cause’ i’m a HUGE Simpsons fan.

I was hoping it was going to be in the normal C4 style, with parts of springfield making a big “4” rather than a top down thing. Still good though.

I’ve been reading about the issue with the simpsons and ‘bart’ promoting scientology. Was checking to see if anyone else had any comments on the ‘issue’. I don’t much like it myself, but also do not care to judge.

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