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The Great Global Warming Simulcast.

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The Great Global Warming Swindle, a controversial documentary that disputes the popular belief over climate change is being aired on the ABC tonight, as well as being simulcast on ABC2 and NewsRadio.

For whatever reason the ABC is playing this documentary, at least they aren’t presenting it in isolation. It will be introduced by Lateline presenter Tony Jones, followed by interview by Jones with the films director, Martin Durkin and then a panel discussion.

I’m looking forward to the Tony Jones interview, which will hopefully question Durkin’s own motives throughly enough to compensate for the film being played in the first place.

6 replies on “The Great Global Warming Simulcast.”

I could have swore this was on C4 in the UK a few weeks back. Why are they simulcasting it? Are they expecting it to be a major TV event?

They showed the “documentry” a couple of weeks ago on german tv. Is was a complete flop as everyone was bashing on it even before it was on air. afterwards there was sort of a discussion and the host really seemed ashamed of the the hole film. It is crap!

By the way, I think the word swindle derives from the german Schwindel, which means the same.

I stil can’t see the point of broadcasting it on both ABC and ABC2 at the same time. Seems rather pointless unless I am missing something.

I think they were trying to force people to watch it…imagine if they had shown a repeat of ‘At the Movies’, and it got higher ratings!

I watched it all, and came to the conclusion that global warning definitely exists, and is definitely caused by human activity…not eactly what they wanted me to conclude.

One interesting note, on the website of the programme, the ABC has added a section where people can upload their own video responses to the documentary…essentially a global warming YouTube! This is the first time I have seen such a thing, a very interesting innovation!

My understanding is that the idea to screen it came from pretty high up.

For such a controversial (and really quite suspect) documentary I though they handled it exceptionally well.

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