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Find out why The World is no more.

BBC Four’s The World gets a shake up (8.3mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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Late last month, the only news program in the UK to focus solely on international news got a shake up. It went from being The World, in the first video, to World News Today in the second video, and is now hosted by Zeinab Badawi. The show is described as:

unashamedly serious; but that doesn’t mean it’s not engaging or stimulating.

And it probably fits in very well on BBC Four where it airs. Why the change you ask? Well you can read all about why from the BBC itself which blogged about the changes here, in a brilliant example of openness, that kept the viewer in the loop for once.

Not getting BBC Four, or living in the UK, I haven’t seen either shows, all I can say though… is I’m glad they kept the wood flooring.

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The World was screened here on BBC World. I haven’t seen it for a few weeks, but it came on in the early morning, between 5am and 7am, something like that. Really top programme. I haven’t seen World News Today yet. Interesting that they will be making four versions of it…

Actually, I think you can watch the programme as it is simulcast on BBC World. Naturally, this means that it is broadcast in the early morning in Australia while you are watching Sunrise.

I love both openings – they are quite unique. Musta dmit I as a little confused as to why there was this one news broadcast which didn’t have the red/silver livery of other BBC News broadcasts…but that is no longer an issue.

I just wish the camera wasn’t so close to the red globe in the new opening, though.

Yes, it is simulcast on BBC World… and to boost there are two other editions. Although this one will naturally be a half-hour long – the other editions usually stretch into an hour, with business and sport reports mixed in, much like a regular BBC World bulletin. That explains why the music for World News Today on BBC Four is different compared to the other BBC World-only editions.

I’ve seen The World a handful of times and I’ve got to say it’s a little bit more insightful than the BBC World bulletins, but without knowing how Channel 4 News works out I can’t compare. But I think this was the only bulletin ever that has green titles and a green set. I like it, but I can’t figure out what they’re twirling around – could the other circle represent the moon?

And the new World News Today titles – before a modification on the regular BBC News titles – made the globe look like a soccer ball. Sooo European, methinks.

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