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The Big Love at SBS.

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The HBO drama Big Love starts on SBS tonight at 8:30pm, and while its up against Life on Mars and Grey’s Anatomy among other things, it will be interesting to see how it goes. Like the Chaser, it may bring a new audience who would otherwise not be watching television, as opposed to eating away at another networks viewers. As you’ve probably already heard in the promos above, or seen in the print ads that appeared in today’s papers the show stars Bill Paxton as a practicing polygamist living in Salt Lake City.

SBS is really growing on me of late, and I’ve already gotten over the fact they have in-program advertising. The Indonesian News was never going to be a draw card for me on SBS, but programming like Top Gear, the new News, and now potentially Big Love, the Special Broadcasting Service is becoming a bit of a More4, and hopefully a good environment to foster alternative programming that isn’t getting shown elsewhere.

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This show was on Five last year (they even made their own campain with the cast) and it’s very good. Make sure you watch it!

Nooo!! I forgot about it as I was studying for uni final exams. Anybody have a torrent? I’ve only found 1×01 dubbed in french and spanish.

Hey JL,

It looks like its getting repeated this Friday night at 10pm.

SBS is a real asset to Australia. Where would I watch Eurovision if not for SBS. I just wish they’d dump the commentary from the BBC with that insufferable Terry Wogan and send their own commentary team like they did in 2003 and 2004. Better yet do away with the commentary, it isn’t a footy match!

My sister read about it in guide and texted me to give it a go – we both did and really enjoyed it. Good cast and it was something completely different. Very cult and religion based yet still very contemporary. As a woman it makes you want to tune in again to find out just how these women can live like this sharing the one man – plus – fair play to lead character Bill (the sexy Bill Paxton) who finds the time and energy to “service” these women – thank god for Viagra! Excellent show and great to see Mr Paxton again – I loved him as the bully elder brother in Weird Science and he’s just as sexy now. Get up to speed people and keep watching….I think this is gonna be a gooden!

I am a kiwi-born Australian and I recently spent three years living in Salt Lake City — living in the large suburb of Sandy — with two young kids and a husband who was often travelling the world. It was a strange experience to be hunkered down in lots of snow, beautiful vistas and people that I simply could not understand from religious point-of-view. I used to write little stories about ” Tears on vegemite sandwiches in Salt Lake.” (All words were salty)! The LDS are generally easier, the fundamentalists per Big Love are TV beautiful. What’s really sad is that there is some truth in the show re woman taking anti-d’s at double per capita rate. (I did some research back in Utah — Brigham uni disputes it). I spoke to an ex church mum now in CA, and we still keep in touch. Boy was she straight up. She asked if, now that I’m back in Oz, was I taking any Sandy Candy? No and never did. Just doing beach walks around Manly and kid soccer/rugby sports. There’s a great website called Am now reading Richard Dawkins and another book — America Alone and another called Londonistan. More details if anyone replies. Bye from Sydney,

Please remember the ‘family’ on Big Love are not LDS. As an LDS member, I find it insulting that people know so little about us, yet are willing to believe the worst of us. No active LDS member lives in polygamy today.

So what happened? Did the series finish and I missed it or is just being postponed
until all this athletics stuff is over.? Was really enjoying it! Joan

Please can someone tell us if the second season of big love is going to air this year. My husband and i very rarely watch tv but this is one show we were totally addicted to, please tell me its coming back, Pleas?????

Any word on season 2 of biglove been shown on SBS this year…. soon? Season 1 is currently being re-run — I hope this means that season 2 will immediately follow… pleeease. I love this show!

Would like to catch theis weeks epsisode I missed last night and would love to watch it. Any hints on how????

Is there any way I can get last night’s episode of Big Love?
Is it on Austar?
Can I download it?

I am a massive fan of the first two series of big love and am just wandering if anyone has heard if or when it will air here on t.v?
I hope so.

Hi – also looking for season 3 to be aired in 2009 or alternatively to be released on DVD (I own season 1 and 2). Will SBS take on season 3?

Hi Katherine,

SBS1 said they’ll be airing Big Love season three over the summer non-ratings period. I just hope they’ll also upload each episode on their website too. 🙂

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