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Anna does what Naomi never did.

What have we learnt from current affairs this week, and how Anna deals with the Chaser (30mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

Update: Check out the Chaser’s lastest run in with Today Tonight here.

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The lesson in this weeks ‘What have we learnt from current affairs’ may have been the “desperate angles” journalists go to to make a story out of nothing, but the real lesson was; How to not act like Naomi Robson… by Anna Coren.

Coren welcomed Chas and Andrew into the Today Tonight studio, made fun of cheque book journalism, and took with good humor the jabs they made about the show. And while this doesn’t make Today Tonight any less a waste of prime time television, it makes Anna Coren look a little more human. Download the whole episode here.

Update: Chas clarifies some stuff in the comments.

7 replies on “Anna does what Naomi never did.”

That must be old since they got rid of that tt set weeks ago. Anna looked quite uncomfortable and I think it is a bit harsh to say Naomi didn’t do stuff like that. She is in Melbourne, did the chaser boys ever rock up to docklands and ask to see her? no. She is very good humoured about it, when Hamish and Andy had her on the logies spit roast she was saying she was gunna go up with the chaser boys if they won since she is part of their success.

nick’s right about the ‘melbourne’ factor. can’t remember them crashing the tv stations in melbourne that much. but hey, i think anna took it ok. remember – she didn’t have to take the bait.

It was obiously staged – secuity usually doesn’t have a sudden change of mind and, she was wearing stage make-up (not to mention her hair being perfect) – it is too staged for my likings

Not sure where to leave this but just wanted to know whether you would post the mp3s of the podcasts of Bloody Sunday with Chris and Craig from the Summer.
I remember seeing the Bloody Sunday from midway through last year on here ages ago, but I was wondering if you had all the six weeks from Summer. I miss the boys on Triple J, and just Friday’s with Robbie Buck are not enough.

Thanks, keep up the good work with the Chaser love.

hey, just saw these comments and wanted to address some of the concerns raised.

nick’s right – we’ve never actually turned up at ch7 in melbourne and asked to speak to naomi (our budget doesn’t extend to many melbourne trips). however we have rocked up to Ch 7 sydney a number of times and asked to speak to various reporters there and been turned away (and i should point out despite appearances, security are actually usually quite nice to us – remember, we edit pieces savagely)

he’s also right that naomi was going to accept our logie for us had we won, so i give her credit for being a good sport there.

i should also point out that we have turned up to ch9 heaps and asked for tracy grimshaw and been turned back – even when we actually got inside the ACA office.

but it is clear that anna coren is just more accessible than most. and no that was not some set-piece – she had absolutely no idea what was going on. i have no idea why she was wearing studio make-up at 11am in the morning (which is when we turned up). but even if she was somehow tipped off we were coming, it would never have been for us – everyone in tv knows you don’t wear studio make-up and hair for video cameras in natural light.

truth be told, i’d prefer it if they WEREN’T so accomodating. this is clearly a new PR tactic used by clever media types when dealing with us, and it works for them – but not so well for our show!

keep up the good work, john. love the site!


The look on Anna’s face when the guy says “I actually do that when I watch Today Tonight” is hilarious. First she seems to be shocked and then she tries to pull off a fake smile.

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