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The Sanest Days are Mad: Radio 1’s Big Weekend.

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If you live in the UK, your lucky enough to be waking up to BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend, the largest free ticketed event in Europe, and if your waking up in Preston, you’re even luckier because your probably going to it.

Featuring a huge line up of acts including but not limited to; Bloc Party, Maximo Park, Razorlight (the first video features this song), Scissor Sisters (second video) and Kaiser Chiefs, the closest free event we would have to this in Australia would be Triple J’s One Night Stand.

Almost as impressive as the acts themselves though is the BBC’s coverage of the event, which spans not only Radio 1, but also nightly highlights on BBC Three and live coverage of the whole thing on the red button’s BBCi. The UK really seems to have embraced the promise of digital television, hopefully Australia will too.. eventually.

And, seeing as its a radio event, here’s some audio…

Radio promo: [mp3][/mp3]

First 2 minutes of the event from Radio 1: [mp3][/mp3]

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Great promos from Radio 1, and as always a great line up. I love the festival; the coverage is immense. The atmosphere really comes across. Although John, the audio is really slow on those clips.

i dont like our chances of free-to-air digital tv getting anywhere near the take-up they have in the UK, certainly not for a LOOONG time. IMO most free-to-air tv stations (even the public broadcasters) are so unwilling to invest capital & develop programming for digital. Its really appalling. Not helped by a lazy commercial tv indsutry & their lapdogs coonan & alston. Foxtel have cornered the market and are doing the most, and I know ABC2 have tried hard to introduce stuff, and they’ve got lots of plans but my understanding is that their pretty hamstrung but little or no funding.

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