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The ABC goes cross platform: Arts.

Another cross platform from the ABC (2mb) >> To comment and see more videos visit

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Another of the cross-platformers, this time promoting ABC online, radio and television for you lovers of art. Crikey has picked up on the ABC’s high level of self promotion these days;

There’s nothing new here, even if it does make listening/watching/surfing the ABC feel like you’re in an Escher drawing

I don’t see a problem with it though, its certainly better then advertising. Check out the rest of the cross platformers (news, kids and science) here.

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Working for the ABC, it is amazing the number of complaints which are received by people who think that promotion numbers are increasing. In fact, the ABC is restricted by its operations code to 2 minutes of promos (excluding idents) between the end of a programme and the start of another (or a news update).

So the idea that there are more promos is all in people’s heads.

As for more ‘self promotion’ , well it’s understandable, given the need to compete in a multi-media age. 🙂

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