ABC1 Videos: Chaser's War

The Chaser’s War.. staler then ever.

Australia says Yes, new Chaser’s coming soon. (2.3mb) >> To comment and see more video visit

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If the details of the press release, the countdown to the countdown or the hilarious rental of the world’s cheapest billboards haven’t quenched your thirst for new Chaser stuff, then maybe this promo for the new series will.

For some of the best bits from last year, check out the Videos: Chaser’s War category of this blog, and in case you forgot, it returns Wednesday the 28th of March at 9pm to the ABC.

5 replies on “The Chaser’s War.. staler then ever.”

Oh my God, that countdown – and this continues for another (less than) two weeks! God, I hope highlights of these publicity stunts make it to the extras of the next DVD.

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