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The new ABC1 ident: News.

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The talented folks at zspace have released another new ABC1 ident on the world, this time promoting the online, television and radio news services of everyones favourite national broadcaster.

The ident has hard to describe but strangely cool music (better then the usual ad jingle) and features the new look which still hasn’t officially launched yet.

Check out the rest of the awesome new ABC1 idents here.

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I am really confused!

I saw a COMPLETELY different new ABC News ident last night – it was similar to the international one, where there is a black strap with issues ‘water’ ‘education’ etc.
I assumed this was the zspace one??

It is odd, because the guy from zspace who posts here said there would be only 1 more ident – a domestic news one. Yet this last fortnight as seen te release of 2 new News ones, as well as a science one and an arts one (and those are just the ones I have seen, there may be more!)

Can zspace shed light on this? I do like these new ‘gold tinted and cross divisional’ idents.

There are actually a few of the new ones – there’s a domestic NCA one, this new one (which I saw for the first time – really nice) and a couple of others, including an ABC Kids one in the style of this ABC NCA one (the only program I remember from that ident is Rollercoaster).

These new idents (with the orange and gold) really remind me of the Australia Network idents and logo. I assume this is a sort of tie-in between the networks.

And from the short clip of the new ABC News Online, I like it! 😀

Just after Media Watch, I saw a Science ident in this style (TV – Catalyst, Radio – The Science Show and Online – Experimentals).

I’ve also noticed new ‘continuity announcements’ (?) in the ‘gold’ style.

Well! The Cross Platform Idents, as we like to call them (tinted gold & white idents) have been produced by zspace again and by the same Designer Gavain Browne. The music was also done by Noise. They were however a seperate package to the Genre Idents and seen as a different creative. The Cross Platform IDs had to be extremely multifunctional and will be almost set as a template for future cross platform promotion. Both Genre IDs and Cross Platform IDs were designed to have an overall look that allowed them to keep some uniformity of Network design.

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