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The ABC in 2007, sunbaking and iPodding.

What the national broadcaster has planned for the year ahead (21.7mb) >> To comment and see more videos visit

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The ABC is touting its 2007 home grown offerings in this two minute promo interestingly bookended by a recreation of one of Australia’s most famous photos; Max Dupain’s Sunbaker.

What have you got to look forward to though? Bastard Boys, The Bridge, Curtin, Choir of Hard Knocks, Summer Heights High, 900 Neighbours and Crude.

2007 will also apparently be the year of “reaching out, sharing and being accessible” according to the promo in the same shot as a video iPod so hopefully that means more downloadable content to come.

Update: The ABC’s monthly newsletter notes that “in 2007 the ABC will be vodcasting 20 to 25 programs each week”, awesome! (Thanks AndyOZ).

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The ABC has already announced that each week from Feb, 25 VODcasts will be released! THe ABC will definitely be more accessible this year.

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