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Jesus Christ, help us all Lord.

Last night on Channel 7 an interesting audio screw up occurred which resulted in in the line “Jesus Christ, help us all Lord” being repeated over and over again during the documentary ‘Mayday’.

Initially it was thought the audio was from within the doco and someone looped, however it since came out that the audio is actually from footage of an convoy in Iraq thats been on YouTube since September. Footage of the audio screw up and the footage from Iraq is after the jump.

The footage from Seven below, Prime didn’t play the loop for as long, they went silent before everyone went to a 10 minute ad break to sort things out.

The footage from Iraq below, the line that found itself somehow looped on Seven occurs at about 2 minutes in.

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Today Tonight last night ran a story last night about media stuff ups, including the one from the previous night you’re talkng about. Good at least they could laugh at their own mistake. Apparently the problem only occured in Sydney and Melbourne, obviously all other cities are on different times so they had time to correct it before it went to air in Adelaide, the next city time wise.

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