ITV Videos: Idents

ITV1 plays ball, Rosemary and Thyme style.

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Another of the new ITV1 idents, and while I can’t deny it looks great, I still don’t get what its all about. See the rest of the new series here.

6 replies on “ITV1 plays ball, Rosemary and Thyme style.”

even if they dont say much about ITV’s identity, they are still graphically nice. I prefere these ones to the new BBC ones-yes, i’m one of the dessapointed with the new BBC One.

I was having trouble with the others but I just can’t figure out how anyone could possibly imagine this! What the hell gave them the idea to produce this? Were they high on a basketball court? The continues ITV’s identity crisis. The programming is so piss poor I think their idents should just contain a bunch of chavs ‘reading’ The Sun or The News of the World. It would make a hell of a lot more sense than these. And using the same music for each ident? Not a good move. It’s tiresome already!

The only reason why they created these is to override the embarrassing ones RED BEE deisgned in January. I can’t say I blame them.

But the thing is it doesn’t say much about ITV1 it’s just there to look nice.

ITV1 idents – hmm, puzzling, at first I thought they were themed alongside a new program called EXTINCT- a primetime thing that failed to do anything with viewers. But, I’m just at a slight loss to get these…not very strong for the largest commercial broadcaster on UK terrestrial

I think the theme is “Alive with colour”, which pretty musch means that the scene has something yellow in it.

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