Ten Network Videos: Idents

Sun all day. Ten all night. BitTorrent in the afternoons?

Ten gets all Summery with US imports, and MTV reality (1.2mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

> Quicktime H.264
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> Quicktime H.264
> iPod Compatible
> RealPlayer Media

I remember when I used to really like Ten, not sure what happened, but here’s what they’re doing for summer.

4 replies on “Sun all day. Ten all night. BitTorrent in the afternoons?”

I really detest anyone trying to commercialise summer. Apparently Foxtel in it’s commercials thinks the best thing about Summer is staying at home and watching Foxtel.

These idents make me want to kill myself, especially considering the direness of most of Ten’s summer offerings. Watching Ten all night would be like a slow death.

Also, I think Ten’s done about all it can with ‘Seriously’. Time to retire it and come up with something not quite so meaningless.

i like the ‘sun all day, ten all night’ theme. the lettering and colours are vibrant and appealing to their demographic market. nothing wrong with channel 10’s programming either – 2007 is going to be huge on 10 especially with winning CBS and the AFL.

I agree that 2007 will be huge on Ten. I hope that 07 will be a bad year for nine and I reckon the best thing for ten would be to cut back the seriously thing.

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