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Bloody Sunday podcasts

Get your Bloody Sunday’s straight from the source, Triple J has started podcasting here.

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Thank you so much for these Bloody Sunday and other mp3s and clips!!! I installed the Podcast a bit too late… thought I’d miss the first few weeks. Thank you for these files!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would anyone know where I could find full episodes of CNNNN (2 series) and The Chaser Decides (2 series)? Much appreciated!

Hi Billy,

Thank you for the link. There’s no Podcast for Chas and Dom’s show on TripleM site, right? Does anyone know if there’s any? I couldn’t find it. I’d like to listen to the show… it’s a bit hard to listen to it on the radio while I’m at work 4-6pm.

Also, Chris Taylor and Andrew Hansen’s play Dead Caesar will be on 1-3 Feb 2007. 8:15pm (Feb 1, Thursday night is SOLD OUT. Book soon) at Wharf 2 near The Rocks. Cost: $10

Check out for more info.


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