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All my life, watching America.

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The first 3 minutes of the new FiveUS digital channel just launched in the UK. It basically just introduces the programming, and you meet Russell who between shows will be touring the US talking to the people behind some of the shows and looking at the culture that we so love and hate.

Like in the other FiveUS clips this one also includes Sufjan Steven’s “Chicago”, but also mixes in a bit of Razorlight’s “America”.

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I wish he didn’t move his hands so much! I love the way the “coming up” part slides into each other. This was a much better launch line-up than on Five Life (though I really enjoyed Love My Way!).

Yeaar 🙂 goood !!!
This song is fantastic…

Adiooos 🙂 danke, das er auf dieser seite verlinkt ist^^

omg, i looked for this song such a long time.
thank you now i found it.
this song is just amazing.

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