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Radio 3 is to ABC Classic FM as Radio 2 is to…?

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BBC Radio 2 is apparently the UK’s most popular radio station. If anyone knows about the original footage of this promo or how it was put together I’d be interested to hear, because the concept for it could have been such a failure if it wasn’t executed properly, but it seems to work pretty well.

Also, whats the British or American equivalent of Triple J? Radio 6? KCRW?

For more BBC radio check out the Zane Lowe and Chris Moyle television

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But JJJ is more aternative, whereas Radio 1 is full of Britney and JLo – you wont see ‘artists’ like them on the Js!


Radio 1 – chart/alternative/dance/indie
Radio 2 – mainstream music, most popular in UK
Radio 3 – Classical
Radio 4 – Speech Radio, high-brow news programs
FIVE LIVE – Rolling news and sport channel

then BBC Digital Radio adds on….

6 Music – indie and rock – digital only
BBC 7 – Comedy and kids radio split down the schedule
1Xtra – RAdio 1 spin off- british black music
FIVE LIVE EXTRA – Additional Sports radio platform

There isn’t really a Triple J alternative, it is far more relaxed and alternative than Radio 1. It’s a cross between Radio 1 and 6 Music.

Give Radio 1 a bit more credit though – Britney-esque music is only during the 7am-7pm mainstream hours, outside of these times Radio 1 is extremely alternative and concentrates on specific types of new music.

The most acurate equivlent of JJJ I can think of is XFM (which is FM in London, Scotland and Manchester – Digital only in other areas). However I haven’t listened to XFM for a while, so I could be wrong now.

XFM is not the station it once was, since Capital Radio took it over in 2001. They basically tried to make their own version of Virgin after they couldn’t buy that station out.

XFM is a bit different from Triple J, I think. The latter plays much more tracks. As for 6 Music, it’s a possibility, although it’s targeted at much older people.

Make it distinct then.

Yeah I don’t think XFM is a direct equivalent of Triple J. They play indie, but just kind of popular indie. Triple J takes a much wider spectrum of music. In that regard it’s like Radio 1. But unlike radio 1 it doesnt really play any mainstream stuff at all, except for indie bands that have kind of ‘crossed over’ as it were. Eg. they played Coldplay before they became really popular and now you’ll hardly ever hear Coldplay on the J’s.

I find XFM difficult to listen to. While they play some good music, they also play a lot of crap and their station idents are HORRIBLE. They’re like a commercial radio parody. “You’re listening X.x.X F (deep voice) MMMMMMMMM” or some crap. It hurts my brain.

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