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Overthinking a timeslot. Jack and Bobby.

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Jack and Bobby is a high concept drama about “two brothers, one of whom grows up to become the President of the United States and one of whom dies before his time”. It’s from the producer of The West Wing, and was broadcast on the teen centric WB Network (now The CW) in the US for one season in 2004.

Its only the second US drama I can think one of a few US dramas to air on the ABC in recent years (Carnivale and Angels in America miniseries), and unlike its grown up counterpart The West Wing, it got no promotion (that I saw) and has been placed in the 11.40pm Monday night timeslot.

Its my understanding the show was probably acquired in a deal when the ABC got The West Wing, I’m not sure if the ABC just isn’t that keen on it, but I can’t understand the total lack of promotion, and if it wasn’t for my prior knowledge of the show I doubt I would have even noticed it in the TV guide.

Having only seen the first episode I’m yet to make my mind up, it is interesting though the mental weight I’ve placed on the show purely because its airing on the national broadcaster, and while the timeslot may show the ABC doesn’t have much faith in it, I think it might just be interesting to see where this of-course-now-cancelled show takes us.

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Damn it man! You’re not alone. The BBC never advertise the superb Medium, ever! They shove it at varying times during 11pm on a Tuesday night and then take off for weeks whenever there’s a major sporting event losing them more viewers. I saw one time, I could be wrong, They aired one episode at 3am! And don’t even get me started on How I Met Your Mother!

Don’t forget, the ABC has shown some other US dramas in recent years, including ‘Angels in America’ and of course the incredible ‘Carnivale’

It is a little puzzling why this series doesn’t get promoted at all. Being cancelled after one season doesn’t help ofcourse, but “Jack & Bobby” did win several important awards. The premise of the story is original and the acting is top notch. It should have been an HBO series – then it would have had a better chance of survival.

I watched every episode of its one season life, and was excited to tune in for the conclusion to the cliffhanger. Well when I never saw any Ads or listings for the second season premier I was hoping that they did not cancel the show, but of course that is excatly what WB did. To be honest I was pretty shocked because I thought the show was doing well enough in the ratings to come back. Well no matter how poor the ratings are it irritates me that WB or any network for that matter can have a cliffhanger and then cancel the show before the conclusion, and on top of that to not even let you know that the show has been cancelled just pisses me off. Then they expect you to keep watching their network. I am courious to know how other people feel about this matter of networks cancelling shows and not even telling their viewers.

it was one of the best shows i watched …this jack and bobby series is superb and i think the cast are great especially chritine latti. it was a lost that such a series with substance just be cancelled.

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