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Oh Maggie I couldn’t have tried anymore.

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I love the character Maggie from Extras, and I love Ricky Gervias. In fact his name has become a sort of metonym personally for success and integrity.

The first one of these promos for season two of Extras is my favourite, with very appropriate use of Rod Stewart’s ‘Maggie May’.

7 replies on “Oh Maggie I couldn’t have tried anymore.”

While I love Extras, and find Gervais very funny, I am becoming increasingly irritated about his outbursts.

First he declared that US comedy is better than UK comedy – which it ISN’T.

Yesterday, at the launch of the second season of Extras, he declared taht US drama was better than UK drama – which, again, it ISN’T.

Yes, except that some reporters challenged him, by naming some UK dramas, to which he replied ‘oh, yes, apart from that one’ ‘and that one’

It seems he made the statement, without being actually able to back it up.

After all the hype I was expecting a lot more from this. It’s basically ‘The Office’ in a different setting and not all that funny. My Gervais fatigue has definately set in.
Maggie is a fun character though, as vulnerable and endearing as she is stupid.

“You led me away from home, cause you didn’t wanna be alone. You broke my heart, and that’s a pain I can do without.”

Sure, US drama can be better than UK drama, or the other way around, or whatever suits the enthusiast. But what about Canadian drama? It’s non-existant! Except Degrassi (which I know is shown on ABC), where its current incarnation is just a glam fest.

“Oh look! I’m going to threaten you by broadcasting on the school televisions that video I filmed of you pulling your top off!”

Ahh, Canadian drama. A pain I can do without.

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