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I’m apathetic: Ellen and Ross sign on.

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All seemed kind of… blah. They’ve taken a unique show and turned it into everything else on television, must miss.

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Look I must say i liked the opening graphics, very posh, but the set looks a smile on the cheap side of things. and Ross Greenwood and Ellen Fanning have about as much magnetism as i lump of wood. At least Jana Wendt and the old Sunday were unique and respected. This just looks like a bad Sunday Sunrise knock off.

I don’t like it at all. It looks like just a longer version of A Current Affair with some slightly more journalistic ethics.

The set is also too dark and plain for a Morning show. Theres no warmth to it at all, especially from the hosts.

I personally think Nine is pathetic, I can’t remember the last time they came up with something original, or even when I last watched Nine.

I must say I like the opening graphics. Does anyone know what’s the name of the music they used for the sequence?

i really like it with more news etc and the set does look unfinished but im now a sunday viewer no longer a weekend sunrise viewer, i hate andrew o keefe what ever happend to chris reason hes the best person 7 has

Yer I recon it wasn’t that bad, people just seem to love verbally bashing nine at the moment, don’t like the set overly and I think Stephanie Brantz needs to settle in a bit more. I also want to say that I don’t tune in to watch the news for the chat the host have or their opinions on things, I tune in for them to give me the news and for me to make my own opinions on things and thats why I don’t like sunrise, there is too much waffle’ and to be honest koshie is annoying.

P.S. i hate andrew o keefe to “cookie”

Honestly, the old Sunday was just a boring Arts show which was underwatched and not a commericial program.

Anyone who thinks that show belongs on commercial TV is kidding themselves. It doesen’t hold mass appeal.

My verdict is out until NBC’s “Today” relaunches tomorrow morning with their new HD set and the addition of Meredith Viera in Katie Couric’s old chair. They’ve been pushing the daylights out of it here, complete with countdown clock on their site.

Then again, I guess not much can be worse than the most recent incarnation of CBS’ “The Early Show”…

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