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This week in current affairs shows: Part 17

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This weeks lesson: moral judgement

What i respect about Today Tonight is how host Naomi Robson stays above it all, this woman is the essence of neutral detachment

Channel Seven must have Naomi so well protected from public scrutiny, she’s never mentioned on other Seven shows, and how come the Chaser haven’t been able to “run into her” anywhere? Surely they must have tried.

Catch the whole show from the Chaser’s website or through their iTunes link.

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I am SO desperate for the Chasers to actually confront Naomi herself. She deserves it more than anyone else. Talentless bitch!

Hey, I love this site, and the Chaser, but there’s something very important you should read about Part 17:

This segment, and the complaint, has already generated an apology from the Chaser team. This is a case of getting hit by ‘friendly fire’ in the War on Everything, and I hope the complaint is true, or else it’s the biggest con ever pulled on the Chaser themselves — a skirmish they lost in the War.

‘this woman is the essence of neutral detachment’

Yes, in the way that, say, a door knob is neutrally detached. Though, to be fair, a door knob has a lot more personality and has a useful function.

RE: the complaint – while the guy’s circumstances suck, it’s wrong to say the Chaser was attacking his friend. “That to achieve their goals they have disregarded any type of background research, all for a cheap laugh” – they were attacking the sensationalism of TT’s coverage. It’s a shame this guy seems to feel TT was being more respectful to his friend’s memory than the Chaser.

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