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More4 to the Floor

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Extended three minute promo for the More4 digital channel. West Wing, The Daily Show and Curb Your Enthusiasm, sounds cool.

“Unconvential programming to confront, inspire and entertain.”

“Freethinking television for intelligent minds.”

Just think of the multichanneling possibilities for Australia…

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Multichanneling, everytime I hear that word it reminds me just how much of a pipedream the efficient and better use of digital tv broadcasting has become here in Australia. Ch9 had to sell off shows such as Smallville & The West Wing amongst others this year because of bloated inventories and no viable timeslots to show these in.

If commercial networks had access to multichanelling down here, then you’d see a better spread of content at the times you want it. However, I do dread the thought of possibly an entire channel dedicated just to CSI.

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