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At least my sexual fetish isn’t hate.

Firth in the USA chats up the folks (24mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit


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The Chaser this week took a look at the folks behind, the Westboro Baptist Church and sent Firth along to say hi.

The head of the church, Fred Phelps is almost too extreme to warrant arguing with, some even suggest he’s such a caricature of the anti-gay movement that maybe the whole things a hoax. His bio on Wikipedia is a very interesting read, and among other things it would appear he pretty much killed his sons wife in order to crush him.

The most logical explanation for his insanity though seems to be that “Westboro serves to enable a paraphilia of Phelps, wherein he is literally addicted to hatred”. He pretty much gets off on hating.

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I nearly laughed up a lung watching this episode, particually the while funny but none the less predictable stab at this bunch of hate-mongers.

On a more serious note, say what you want about any of the wars or conflicts going on around the world – but to purposuly turn up at the funerals of greiving family members who’ve lost someone near and dear to unleash your hate stream is just disrespectful and shows the kind of people you really are.

“Islamic extremism is to Islam as KKK is to Christianity”
John Lyman [Bradley Whitford], Isaac & Ishmael Special Ep, The West Wing

I just read the wikipedia page on Fred Phelps, OMG what kind of a man is he, he should of been locked up in a mental institution, it’s shocking that they marched and disturbed the peace of Servicemen who died in the Iraq war, just because they were gay, I wish there was a law to outlaw groups like this (Even though President Bush signed the Respect for America’s Fallen Heroes Act)

Just Shocking.. 😯

If there is a God, and I’m not one to say, God Hates Haters. I’d like to see that on one of those signs.

But check out those multicoloured signs. Does that reminisce of a LGBT flag? I don’t get it. Fear mongerers chanting with signs that look otherwise.

If that happened in Canada, that would be a hate crime (Calling someone those names of course). But then again, touching another man’s butt without consent is borderline ;).

[I]”On one occasion, Phelps and his congregation had their signs confiscated by customs, and responded by going to the federal capital and burning and spitting on the Canadian flag, and threatening to urinate and defecate on it.”[/I]

That is so typical when it comes to those who hate Canada. But then again, if you hate Canada, WHY BE THERE? There’s something to ask.

[I]”Should Phelps ever try to enter Canada again, he would be arrested and tried for violation of hate crime laws…”[/I]

That supports my point. I’m glad I took Law class in high school 🙂

They don’t protest just at soldiers’ funerals that were gay, they protest at ALL soldiers’ funerals. They have been in my area 3 or 4 times already. But, there are a group of people called Patriot Riders that started as a bunch of bikers and has grown into a large group of people that are sickened by Phelps and his ilk. They stand in front of the protestors with large American flags, blocking the family and other mourners from seeing these foul “people”.

The Phelps protests at the funerals of US serviceman are not an indication that the serviceman was gay. He says he is protesting the gay policies of the US government. Just wanted to clear that up.

By the way, we have set out a number of baits over here for rats and cockroaches but so far he has managed to dance his way through them.

Its nice when someone so crazy comes along that we can all hate him together and without doubt

‘How far have we come?’ people ask. Well, to be honest, the short span of my own life has coincided with tremendous changes in pride, recognition, and self-awareness. Homosexuality was removed from the classifications of mental disease, there are lifestyle-affirming marches every year in many major cities in the US, and we have a seat at the political table, even if we are hovering around second-class citizen status, with regards to very basic cultural rights like marriage and adoption.

If you are somehow unfamiliar with this…man’s…modus operandi, it’s really quite a shocking diatribe. National disasters and terrorist attacks are apparently acceptable means for eradicating godless dykes and homos. For most of you, the ‘sermon’ should be old news, but I wanted an example for those who simply accept that he’s evil and never give his hate audience.

The venom of his self-approbating rhetoric isn’t something I’d encourage listening to on a regular basis, but he practically has his disdain down to a science. You can’t ignore evil, and you can’t pretend to know where it is or what it’s about if you refuse to hear what it’s saying. If there was a monster like this in your closet, then wouldn’t you come out in a hurry?

That ignorant bastard is pretty hot – I find myself oddly attracted to him also. I never thought I’d find humor in anything having to do with these hate-mongers – thank the lord I just did.

It’s worthwhile to point out that Phelps’ “church” almost certainly doesn’t believe the crap they spout. It’s pretty much all his family, who are mostly lawyers. They travel the country, doing and saying the most inflammatory things they can imagine in the hope that somebody will take a swing at them, so they can sue for damages. It’s a despicable scam, and the more attention they draw to themselves, the more likely it is that somebody will fulfill their wishes and add to their coffers.

In a more perfect world, the nation’s judges would have a tacit agreement that every time these clowns show up in a coutroom, they’d first dismiss their case, then sock them with a huge fine for bringing a frivolous lawsuit.

I think if this phelps goes out beyond his own backyard he might find real tragedy. So that he can learn to focus on something other then self created hysteria out of shear boredom.

Whats funny as fuck is in the UK, fag or fags is the name for cigarettes .

So I’m a 30 fags a day woman

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