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Nine’s Journalistic Prostitution

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I didn’t watch the miners interview but apparently Nine ran a promo during it calling Seven “ambulance chasers” for the Kochie security tag incident.

Channel Nine are hardly anyone to question another networks ethics (throwing stones in glass houses and all that), and this is The Chaser’s response to it.

And in case you were wondering what those subliminal messages to the ABC’s new managing director Mark Scott were..


and at the very end of the credits:


4 replies on “Nine’s Journalistic Prostitution”

What gall of Nine! The Australian public does not like a bad sport. Rove made an ad for Seven to run in response along the lines of “At seven we may be ambulance chasers but at least our presenters don’t laugh like this” Then they showed about ten cut scence of Jessica Rowe and Karl Stevanovic laughing like hyenas on the Today Show. Then they cut to the seven news graphic with the voice over “Now who’s laughing” I thought it was very funny.

I think Nine’s actions of a huge payoff for an interview is definitely an abhorrance to journalistic credibility and standards. Thank God we have The Chaser to shine light on these matters. It just shows that Nine is desperate enough to recover from their disastrous mine rescue coverage. Thanks to ABC for having shows like The Chaser! And for the government, add some funding to ABC!!!

@Nick Renwhick

That Jessica & Karl Joke was simply ripped off of the Chaser guys; Rove has stolen several jokes off of them (The Newsreaders reading-hard-to-read-stuff). The Chaser people did a VERY similar joke several times, once at the Logies (The section where they were talking about voting techniques, and how the money would be used to make sure the today crew had enough laughing gas, *cue for jessica rowe laughing cutscenes*) which is bad because Rove was there…

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