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You’re watching Newsnight, are you trying to impress someone?

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After the passionate response I got to the new BBC 6 and 10 o’clock news I thought the next logical step would be Newsnight.

I’ve never actually seen the show, but I have seen it parodied on Dead Ringers (second video). Am I right in saying the Australian equivalent would be Lateline?

The combination of round desk and couch looks interesting, and the huge screen at the back seems more versatile then the usual plasma or graphics that accompanies most news presenters.

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Oh look, 2 white, male, English presenters on one BBC news programme… who’d have thought it?!

You’ve probably noticed already but BBC 1pm,6pm,10pm bulletins and the childrens news program; Breakfast, Newsround, and Newsnight, Working Lunch (the business program) all come from just two studios now- all part of saving money! But the reaction to the different set changes have been mixed.

Yeah, I guess that’s the equivalent. Haven’t seen Lateline though – it goes out at midnight here in Manila (through ABS Asia Pacific), and I’ve seen only Snippets of Newsnight either online or on the Japanese channels.

Oh, they all come from two studios now? Isn’t that, err, a little bit too… I dunno.

Two studios with almost identical sets. Breakfast and the 1, 6 and 10 O’clock News come from N6, a small-ish studio located in the News Centre at Television Centre, whereas Breakfast, Working Lunch, Newsround, Sunday AM and The Politics Show come from the much larger TC7, one of the main Television Centre studios.

The sets in both studios can be adapted for different programmes much quicker than the constant full set changes required before. The backdrop is made up of rear-projection cubes, meaning the backdrop can be switched with the flick of a couple of switches, and the only changes required between programmes therefore are moving the desks/sofas etc. into the different positions required.

Despite TC7 being much larger than N6 in terms of studio floor space, the TC7 set is only a little bit bigger than that in N6. Wasting space indeed.

These seem to be the new titles to newsnight. I am not sure if they were anounced on media news site first.

My post above should subsitute “Newsnight” for “Breakfast” in regard to shows in TC7, bit of a mistake there.

I think newsnight is hysterical, it harnesses that very ‘paxman’ idea of “That’s ridiculous”, “I hate your ideas” “Oh just p!££ off!”…always very dramatic

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