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The first Foxtel Friday: FOX8

Foxtel Fridays: FOX8 (976kb) >> To comment and see the other FOX8 videos visit


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In an effort to post some actual idents I thought I’d introduce this semi-regular column.. Better Know a Foxtel Channel (aka Foxtel Friday). So without further ado, Part 1 in this 63 part series…

First channel off the ranks is the networks flagship channel, FOX8 (the fightin’ eighth). FOX8 rebranded itself recently and continues to be the highest rated channel on Foxtel, thanks no doubt to The Simpsons.

Wikipedia also notes that it is “one of the very few channels to have been continuously broadcast since Foxtel’s foundation 10 years ago.”

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(The song is ‘Run’ by Snow Patrol)

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7 replies on “The first Foxtel Friday: FOX8”

I dont have fox 🙂 but i did get to see a few of those promos and ratings screens when i was in maccas last saturday morning, even though there was conveniently a childrens party on at the time so i could hardly hear it, but i enjoyed the simpsons marathon anyway.

The old Fox8 graphics were so tired and boring, they used them since the begining and only re worked them occassionally. Personally TV1 has always had the best graphics and indents and the most clever and alluring promos of any channel on foxtel and certainly better than 9 or 10. And no Fox8 isn’t a US imports channel, obviously they don’t have a huge budget but they have the Logie award winning Love My Way and the highly acclaimed Australia’s Next Top Model. TV1 also attempted local production with Shock Jock some years back, sort of a precurser to That 80’s Show but Aussie style. Now they have their interactive Cash Trivia Challenge with Alyse Platt and Tony Barber

I think these graphics are based on the Fox Latin America ones, launched last year, and designed by Steinbranding (, from Argentina.

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