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Two takes on the Commonwealth Games

Nine Network’s Commonwealth Games opening (2.8mb) >> To comment and see the BBC opener visit

commonwealth games nine

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commonwealth games bbc

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The Nine Network and BBC coverage of the Commonwealth Games. I think I like the BBC music better.

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It’s too depressing. You British and Australians get the fancy idents. What do we get for Commonwealth Games coverage here? An hour a day highlights. Depressing really.

The ident reflects the skeleton coverage, really. They reused the Torino graphics except added a few maple leaves.

The BBC opening is crap! But apparently the british had a better idea of what was happening at the opening ceremony, their commentary team actually explained what was happening. Unlike good old Liz & Ray who did’nt know what was happening themselves!

I can’t stand the BBC music! They play it over and over between the events on the interactive feed. I’ve resorted to just watching highlights.

I prefer Nine’s opener and music. Don’t mistake me – I think the BBC’s music very nice. It just sounds (and even looks) too much like what would happen if the BBC brought back Nationwide.

Foxtel’s Fox Sports coverage has been outstanding, the commentators, and the no ad factor and the live, uninteruppted or edited coverage is far superios to Nine’s tired old coverage. Thank god Seven has the Olympics

I love the BBC Music – it’s ‘We Took Vegas’ by Deadly Avenger. Not commercially available though 🙁

the BBC opener was horrible! i much prefered channel nines. and what was the go with Ray and Liz for the oepning ceremony! they are both from Sydney and have no idea about Melbourne culture! daryl eastlake at the weight lifting put me off, he is way OTT

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