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The Sydney Sessions


Spent the night in Sydney on Thursday, didn’t record that much stuff, but did get the long version Network Ten promo and something from Seven.

I really want to like the Ten promo, but I just wish they hadn’t made 90% of it out of stock images and video, its particularly noticeable on the clips that aren’t in 16:9 (look for the one with the teens on the coach). Channel Seven is pretty ordinary, its better then the Prime stuff we get in Canberra, but the whole Gottaloveit thing almost makes ‘Still the One’ look good.


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Hmm..I totally hate ten’s summer idents, they are crap, seriously…. (get the pun ;))
7’s isn’t too bad, maybe because I like TV Man. lol

I agree. I totally hates Ten’s “Seriously” slogan. They should jump of (or on I forget which one it is) the wagon and change it like Nine is going to. I remember Ten’s “Turn Me On” slogan back in like 1998. That was good, but the “Serioulsy” thing is getting way too old. I also liked Seven’s “The One to Watch”. I wish I could say something about Nine but I can’t remember a different slogan. Prob because they have had “Still the One” for too long. Thank god it might change. Here’s hoping.

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