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The Weather Sessions


The networks all have their own take on how to present weather, SBS do the whole world in a minute while Nine barely get past the suburbs of Sydney on their ‘National’ broadcast. ABC seem to take the longest, with a weather report that can at times top three minutes. Ten and Seven insist on sending out weather people to locations around town, Tim Bailey on Ten is far more annoying then Seven’s Nuala Hafner though.

From a design perspective ABC and SBS are at the top of my list. Ten is by far the worst with its depressing little sunshine icons. Nine waste too much time with scroll bars at the bottom of the screen and moving the map around from left to right, and Seven’s map looks OK, but is a bit cartoony.


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10 replies on “The Weather Sessions”

I quite like the whole new ABC News graphics package (by T-Mation, who also did As It Happened and the current A Current Affair graphics packages). Way too much blue for the weather graphics – need some green for the land masses.

Also, does the ABC weatherman have a blocked nose?

THe ABC one is THE BEST!

IT gives you the most detail, and the least pointless graphis!

THe only reason it could be seen as boring is the presenter. He is VERY dull.

THe reason the map is blue is because when the new graphics were introduced at the start of the year, the map was coloured as it would appear for space, but it was too difficult to see the temperature numbers (written in white) on a mainly orange background.

THe ABC got tonnes of complaints – and so changed it to the beautiful blue we now see – so now it is crystal clear, and easy to read.

On the topic of weather, for some reason I absolutely love the soundtrack (and graphics) for the weather presentation in “Deutsche Welle” on SBS

I think Seven is the best for weather at least in Melbourne. On our 6pm bulletin and often on the 4.30 News with the delightfull Rebecca Maddern, a Geelong Girl, we have David Brown presenting the weather, and he is the only actual meteorologist on TV presenting weather in Australia. Also htere maps look great and I find they are the most accurate.

David Brown can’t be the only actual meteorologist on TV presenting weather, ABC Tasmania have had many meteorologists, Simon McCulloch, then before him, Jaci Brown and before that Mike Pook.

“Nine barely get past the suburbs of Sydney on their ‘National’ broadcast”

I think you will find that SBS and ABC are the only true “National” news programs (i.e the whole country gets the same program). The commercial channels syndicate, therefore it is expected that they focus on their geographical region. You go to Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Cairns, anywhere, they all focus on their own region. The news is national, the weather is regionally focused, it makes sense doesn’t it?

I agree with Matthew, the music on DW-TV’s ‘Journal’ is excellent. The new music and graphics are even better.

You should re post this, 7news, this week, launched it’s new look animated weather. It is very cool, I like how the presenter stands in fron of the globe at the start and it has 7Weather Melbourne next to it. David Brown, Melbourne’s weather presenter, was very excited about its launch. As Sandy Roberts said to Peter Mitchell:”I’ve never seen Browny so pumped!”

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