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The end of Alan Jones (on Today).

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Alan Jones delivered his final editorial on the Today Show last Friday. I’m surprised he lasted this long, but I’m also surprised about a lot of things that happen at Nine.

Bask in his final words in the video above. Unfortunately he’s not going away for good though, with new videos starting soon on 2GB’s website. I really have no time for Alan Jones, but he’s always fun to laugh at. (Thanks for the video Naomi).

The Wilkinson sword lands at Today.

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Tracy, Jessica, Sarah, Kellie.. and now Lisa. A new female host for the Nine Network’s Today show started yesterday, and while the usual first-day-of-a-new-host ratings were up, they weren’t as high as when Mrs Murdoch started her run, and quite frankly Nicole Kidman could host the show, but after the first day curiosities, the ratings would go back to what they are always are.

I have to agree with Crikey, and ask why “is Karl Stefanovic a protected species? After all, he and Richard Wilkins have been tried and found wanting by viewers — so why aren’t they boning candidates?”. They’re rumours that the show will be making the Sunrise-esque move to Park Street to be part of the city bustle, but besides people holding “watch Sunrise” banners in the background I’m not sure what good it will do.

The show needs to relaunch completely, new name, new set, and an actual focus, well, a focus beyond just copying Sunrise. If Sunrise is the friendly breakfast show, why not make Today the serious news breakfast show? Karl’s already dressed for it.