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Marc Fennell vs Television Idents.

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Facebook friend, real world acquaintance, Triple J film critic, and all round good guy Marc Fennell has managed to sum up in six minutes, what this blog has been trying to say for over (oh my god, its been) four years.

Marc’s succinct and entertaining Charlie Brooker-esque take on all things television idents is a refreshing and fun look at the little known genre most people don’t even notice, but that we’re all strangely interested in.

(Also, Marc has a show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, check it out.)

Charlie Brooker is awesome!

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Ever heard of Charlie Brooker? Well either had I until serendipity landed in my inbox last month in the form of two completely separate emails within 24 hours of each other from a couple of readers (thanks Mark and Andy) telling me to check out his television show, Screenwipe on BBC Four.

If this blog were a television show (god willing…) I would hope it would resemble something close to Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe. Basically Screenwipe successfully achieves something that I was always longing for, a television show about television.

He treats television as a serious medium, praising the best of it, and trashing well, the rest of it. He looks at everything from individual shows and channels, to the minutiae of the industry, and as this video shows, he even takes a look at television idents.

The show is currently in its fourth season, and for a television loving country like Australia I look forward to one day seeing a local equivalent.