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If breakfast cereal ran a television station.

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Weetabix, a British cereal (Weetbix for the Australian readers) has just launched a new campaign were it positions itself more as a television station then a snack food.

The ads are designed to resemble television idents, and asks the viewer “whats on Weetabix?” while recommending various toppings. See more of the campaign on the official website at weetabix.tv.

While this isn’t an official ident for any station, I recently featured a Cadbury’s ad being played on SBS that comes pretty close.

What happened to idents on SBS?

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SBS have had some sweet idents in the past, but lately.. nothing. With Big Love and Top Gear both on air at the moment I’m watching SBS more regularly than ever before, but seeing no idents.

The closest thing they seem to have is this Cadbury’s ad that incorporates the SBS logo. I hope they have something planned, because when a channel gets the kind of scrutiny and criticism that SBS gets, a solid on air brand, that reinforces whatever it is the network wants to be, would probably be a good thing.